Founded in 2008, BamCore green engineers high performance beyond zero carbon footprint framing systems. The BamCore Prime Wall™ is a customizable dual-panel framing system that eliminates OSB, most sheetrock, and over 90% of the studs, headers, and posts that cause thermal bridging. By leveraging advanced BIM technology and the strength and sustainability of timber bamboo, the Generation 3 BamCore Prime Wall ™ system is a viable solution to the building materials crisis, the skilled labor shortage crisis, and the climate crisis. The BamCore Prime Wall™ is a safe, thermally efficient, healthy, and quickly installed framing solution that saves carbon, time, labor, and money.

BamCore is IBC, IRC, and CA Title 24 compliant in all 16 climate zones without continuous exterior rigid foam insulation. And the 2021 winner of the Ivory Prize for affordable building and an NGBS and Sonoma County-certified green company.

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