Autodesk and BamCore Partner to Optimize Nesting Routines

Optimizing Nesting Routines

Recently, Autodesk and BamCore advanced industrialized construction by optimizing nesting routines.

Pre-fabrication helps lower job site waste.

Especially for a fixed catalog of designs as in modular building, but when custom pre-fabrication is done, waste that is eliminated from the job site can end up in the factory. AutoDesk has committed a team of experts to help optimize nesting routines that can cut multiple odd-sized or shaped custom pieces from standard stock size materials to reduce fabrication waste. While Autodesk is committing these resources through a first-of-a-kind special pro-bono project, the concept of reducing fabrication waste is critical as BamCore, and others bring to reality mass customization in the pre-fabrication environment.

The nesting optimization work by Autodesk is the most recent example of Autodesk committing resources to BamCore in their shared efforts to decarbonize the built environment. Autodesk Foundation is also an investor in BamCore’s parent company, Global Bamboo Technologies. Additionally, AutoDesk featured BamCore, and its Design Bid Build at the most recent AutoDesk University with a Keynote Address by BamCore CEO Hal Hinkle and two specific talks by Brenden Morton, BamCore’s director of Job Engineering & Fabrication. Interesting video views are converging Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Workflows and Mass Customization enabled by Pre Fabrication and Job Site App Demo Video for AutoDesk University.