Construction Productivity – Save Time and Labor 

The Generation 3 BamCore Prime Walls are an easy and quickly installed framing solution that saves time and labor. Needing only a pneumatic nail gun, a crew of three apprentice laborers can erect 2,800 sqft in four hours. This efficiency in resources will keep your job moving smoothly and, with luck, ahead of schedule.


Green Engineering and Panel Delivery

Your BamCore Prime Walls arrive at the job site palletized and sequentially numbered. The first pallet will have the first panel for installation on top and ready to go, the second under the first, etc. Every door, window, outlet, and access panel is cut to millimeter accuracy according to the architectural plan at our factory in Ocala, FL., so there is little to no job site cutting required. In addition, to eliminate guesswork, a MEPI map and nail pattern are drawn onto each panel. The precision custom fabrication increases your construction productivity and reduces rework waste, saving you time and money.


The Fast and Easy Installation Method 

Panel Installation Cartoon

The dual-panel framing solution eliminates 80% of studs, headers, and posts, creating a nearly hollow wall consisting of two parallel runs. The panels conveniently attach to a conventional wood bottom and top plate and snug together via a shiplap design. Once the bottom plate is laid, individual 4′ wide panels are placed according to the number printed on them and nailed together. The nearly hollow wall and MEPI mapping facilitate electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and blow-in insulation installation. Further, the entire crew can view BamCore’s smartphone-enabled 3D architectural plan animation to guide installation.


Once rough construction is complete, finish work like hanging cabinetry, trim, or appliances is a breeze. Because the entire wall is structurally a rigid panel, you don’t have to search for studs when hanging trim, cabinetry, mirrors, or other heavy items. Also, because the panel surface is exceptionally flat, and the interior panels come with applied MDO paper, less time is spent scribing the back edge of a cabinet or countertop or prepping to paint.


Technology and Trade Collaboration

BamCore’s innovative software is poised to transform the low-rise built environment. Leveraging the Forge platform, BamCore developed a job site application that transforms Revit model data into animated 3D construction plans. The job site crew can animate the construction order and view each panel’s position. The animation can be stopped, started, backed up, or moved ahead at any point. In addition, details of any panel or component can be exploded for further review. This dynamic visual building plan removes language barriers and allows project teams to open their hiring possibilities to workers of all skill levels.

Further, the software encourages collaboration between the trades. For example, the Design, Bid, and Build extension allows subcontractors to bid their portion of the job using the precise BIM dimensions and locations. This feature is easily accessible from a visual browser session. The custom extensions in the Viewer also enable the field installation crew to browse through pallets, isolate specific elements, create and access lumber cut lists, and draw within the program to indicate MEPI locations.

BamCore Installation in Fort Creek

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