The following data are from tests performed on Generation 2 BamCore panels. The Generation 3 Panels are undergoing testing. We expect them to perform similarly or better than Generation 2 when testing is complete. Please check back for updates.

Water Vapor Permeance

BamCore’s bamboo-based hollow Prime Wall System delivers a water vapor transmission rate that matches the range of rates found in commonly used house wraps. Recent independent tests documented that the bamboo-based panel component of BamCore’s Prime Wall System offers a Water Vapor Transmission or permanence rate that is eight times…
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Mold Growth Index

Reduced Mold Risk. Today’s conventional construction paradigm unintentionally, yet significantly, increases the risk of mold growth within wood-framed wall cavities. The increase of risk is not related to the stud framing but derives from the nearly universal use of OSB or plywood shear membranes on the outside and gypsum board (sheetrock) on the inside…
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