BamCore Earns NGBS Green Product Certification

Global Bamboo Technologies’ BamCore Prime Wall System Earns NGBS Green Product Certification

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Upper Marlboro, MD – Global Bamboo Technologies Inc.’s (GBT) BamCore Prime Wall System has been third-party certified by Home Innovation Research Labs for its ability to help builders and developers meet the requirements of the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard® (NGBS).

GBT’s BamCore Prime Wall System is a highly-engineered bamboo-wood hybrid structural panel system that is super-strong, high-performance, and manufactured with a small environmental footprint.

With nearly 275,000 NGBS Green Certified homes nationwide, Home Innovation’s NGBS Green certification program is the leading residential green certification program due to its rigor, credibility, and affordability. Part of what makes the program the choice of builders and developers across the country is its NGBS Green Certified Product program that bridges the gap between manufacturers who produce green products and the building and design professionals who want to use them in homes.

To earn the NGBS Green Certified mark for a product, manufacturers provide sufficient evidence that the product meets the applicable NGBS-specified criteria in a given practice(s) for a building to garner points toward NGBS Green home certification. NGBS Green Certified Products earn a certificate that identifies the specific NGBS practice(s) where points are available toward building certification for those who select and install that product. This pre-approval for NGBS points makes the selection process easier for designers, and the verification process more streamlined for Home Innovation-accredited green building verifiers.

The BamCore Prime Wall System has been certified to nine NGBS practices within the Resource Efficiency section pertaining to building durability, performance-based materials, preassembled systems, and renewable materials.

“Products like the BamCore Prime Wall System offer a single solution for builders to achieve many green building practices related to building durability and performance,” said Cindy Wasser, Home Innovation’s Senior Manager of Green Building Programs. “We are pleased to recognize this BamCore product with our third-party NGBS Green certification.”

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Author: Home Innovation Research Labs