BamCore in TOP 60 of XPRIZE Carbon Removal Milestone Awards


The BamCore Prime Wall®

Carbon Capture + Storage

The BamCore Prime Wall decarbonizing solution was recognized today as a TOP 60 FINALIST from 1,133 entrants in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. This ratifies our mission of using nature’s fastest-growing and strongest structural fiber to help decarbonize the built world. The combined embodied and operating energy of buildings produces nearly 40% of all greenhouse gases. With $100 million awarded over three years, the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition is the largest incentive prize in history.

While the competition has brought forth many exciting and promising technologies for atmospheric carbon removal, BamCore’s solution goes beyond just atmospheric carbon removal by:

✅ reducing operating carbon,
✅ turning buildings into carbon sinks,
✅ making every building stronger, safer, quieter, and healthier,
✅ bringing mass customization through industrialized construction,
✅ and mitigating rural poverty in the global south.

Surprisingly, our review of the “land-solution” finalists showed only three solutions that address the vast carbon footprint of the built environment. Of the three, we believe that BamCore is the only solution now scaling operations and the only solution with multiple Life Cycle Assessments that verify our ability to decarbonize the built environment.

We are excited for this opportunity to do good, one building at a time!