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Concord Homes Utah embraces BamCore’s disruptive building technology to build next-generation climate-positive homes

Early last spring, BamCore’s California-raised Zack Zimmerman braved Utah’s freezing temperatures to forge an alliance with Concord Homes. While his family enjoyed sunny days back home, he donned a parka and boots to be at the job site as the workers rolled in. He was there before the foundation was laid. It was important to be a part of the build from the very beginning. The people we build with are as important as what we build, and Zack likes to be there whenever BamCore is working with a new crew.

Kirk Philo, the President of Concord Homes Utah, was going to give BamCore’s Prime Wall framing solution a shot on a three-story 8,500 sqft custom residence; the great wall in the entry would span 20 vertical feet. A true test of the product, and if it performed well, Concord Homes would adopt the BamCore system in several multi-family developments.

“The framing supply market is crowded, and our firm seeks partners who can deliver on promises to meet our high standards,” Kirk Philo shared.

BamCore Build in Utah

A fast and easy first day.

When it came time for the BamCore Prime Wall installation, the transition was smooth. Once the first panel was set, the crew of four was off and running. Armed with a pneumatic nail gun, they worked easy, pulling each sequentially numbered panel from the pallet, sliding it into the groove, following the nail pattern with the gun, and moving to the next piece. Each panel arrives at the job site precision-cut to millimeter accuracy for every door, window, outlet, and access panel. So, no job site cutting is required. Four hours later, they had framed 2,800 feet. A good 50% faster than traditional stick construction.

Decrease in costs and an increase in quality.

“Since utilizing BamCore products, we have seen overall costs decrease and the quality of construction increase,” says Kirk Philo.   

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The BamCore Prime Wall is a viable end-to-end solution that mitigates the climate crisis, the construction materials crisis, the skilled labor shortage crisis, and global rural poverty.

Capturing carbon and reducing operating costs.

Thermal Bridging between BamCore and stick construction.
A BamCore home eliminates over 90% of cross-cavity framing members that cause thermal bridging found in conventional stick-built homes. This increases insulation space and lowers operating energy and costs.

“Moving forward, we feel confident that the superior products we can create with the BamCore system will continue to delight our customers.” Kirk Philo goes on to say, “While the quality of materials and improved construction system are great, they are only a part of the story. Working with BamCore is an opportunity for Concord Homes to do real good while we do well. The obstacles facing the global environment are overwhelming for any one firm to overcome. But, by working with BamCore, we can do our part to sequester carbon long-term.”

The finished home will be 17% above the energy code in Utah. Plus, the climate consulting firm Quantis International estimated that a BamCore framed single-family house can save 223 metric tons (equal to the emissions from driving 500,000 miles) of CO2 over its life compared to a conventionally framed wood house. And CEA estimated that at scale our BamCore’s Prime Wall could result in reducing 9.6 Gigatons of CO2 globally.