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BamCore Integrity and Net Zero Home Design

Net Zero home design needs to be the new normal for a healthy future.

The built environment is the largest single emitter of greenhouse gasses globally. Responsible for nearly 40% of CO2 emissions annually from the embodied carbon of materials, the construction, and the energy consumed to heat and cool our living spaces comfortably. If you view websites related to this, you will understand why 40% is a lot, and it is going to increase. We need to build the equivalent of another New York City every month for the next 40 years to meet the demand for new homes and businesses. We must decarbonize the built environment with Net Zero low-rise construction and home design which can be done along with experience crawl space insulation contractors. This means rethinking how we build. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. BamCore is innovating both the materials and the building method for a healthy future. 


Did you know that the way we build hasn’t changed much in the last 100 years?

“The time for action to decarbonize the existing and future global building stock is now. In building development, the design phase is crucial for energy efficiency, as many parameters of a building are defined and will remain ‘locked-in’ for its lifetime.” – 2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction.

BamCore’s innovative bamboo-based studless wall system provides a solution with a thermally superior envelope that reduces energy usage and utilizes highly renewable biogenic fiber to reduce embodied carbon. The benefits don’t end there. The BamCore Prime Wall is stronger, safer, healthier, quieter, and more cost-efficient than conventionally framed walls.

Whew, that is a lot of good news for the future of Net Zero home design! And we are ready to start building the future with you.

Drum roll, please! BamCore has opened the first factory in the world to make bamboo-wood hybrid products that are prefabricated and fully code compliant. Located in Ocala, Florida, our state-of-the-art manufacturing line will produce hundreds of thousands of custom prefabricated structural panels per year. Capable of scaling to any size development, the BamCore plant expects to make the structural wall framing for 5,000-unit equivalents per year (a unit approximates to a two-story 2,000 sqft house).

BamCore Prime Wall Panel being made in the factory.


The integrity of sustainability. How BamCore Prime Walls aid Net Zero building design in materials and method:

Two challenges in Net Zero home and low rise construction design are embodied carbon and energy loss. The embodied carbon comes from the materials, and yearly energy loss is primarily from an inefficient building envelope. The BamCore Prime Wall system addresses both challenges, outperforming conventional advanced framing techniques. Here are few safety tips for working with spray applications while working with this material.

The materials.

Using nature’s most sustainable building material, timber bamboo, we start by sequestering carbon in the growth process. “…we built the first multi-species/multi-location bamboo growth model and constructed a methodical decision framework to compare annual carbon flows of timber bamboo to wood, including robust sensitivity analysis, time valuation of carbon flows, and a comprehensive comparison metric called the Carbon Benefit Multiple (CBM). The final CBMs showed that timber bamboo, with regular harvests of durable products, sequesters between 4.5 and 6 times the carbon than wood does.Even more exciting is when we encourage a healthy growth and harvest cycle, it benefits both the plant and the planet.

In our quest for high-quality timber bamboo, we are establishing a global supply chain with sustainable harvesting regimes. By building with the BamCore Prime Wall System, you will reduce the impact of global warming and expand economic security to those in the developing world.

Operating with sustainable integrity from start to finish, we also limit CO2 production in the manufacturing process. We do not use heat, water, steam, or chemicals to prepare, mill, and manufacture the bamboo into panels. The BamCore Team is passionate about innovating the built environment for a healthy and sustainable future. We continue to research and improve materials for Net Zero home and low-rise construction design.

Bamboo slats being prepped in the BamCore factory.

The method.

By harnessing highly renewable timber bamboo’s strength and integrity, BamCore’s hollow Prime Wall system eliminates most of the thermal bridging found in conventional stud-based framing. It outperforms in thermal resistance by 80% in the warm range and 96% in the cold range. This reduces the environmental impact of heating and cooling our living spaces.

The Prime Wall is thermally superior by 40%, lowers air leakage by 60%, and can breathe out water vapor 4 to 8 times better than a conventional wall. This efficient expelling of water vapor also reduces the risk of mold by an average of 78%. The innovative design accomplishes this without the need for continuous exterior insulation.

And we are making it easy. Completely customizable, by utilizing AutoForge technology, BamCore bamboo-based walls are precut to millimeter accuracy for every window, door, switch, and outlet. The walls arrive at the job site sequentially numbered and ready to install with little to no job site cutting required, reducing job site waste. The panels are fast and easy to erect without the need for heavy equipment or highly skilled labor. Making BamCore an advantageous component for a Net Zero and carbon positive future.

Quick and easy installation!


BamCore is building with the integrity and health of the world in mind. To build a more sustainable environment for us all.



Let’s build a Net Zero future together.

The future with BamCore: We leverage highly renewable biogenic fiber to reduce buildings’ embodied carbon. With a thermal and acoustic envelope ten times better than conventional building methods, our innovative design reduces energy usage. This change in method and materials is the path to a healthier future for us all.

The BamCore vision is creating spaces that are super energy efficient, comfortable, and green. Please contact us for more information on how the BamCore Prime Wall system is the building solution you need. We are looking for collaborators, investors, and like-minded individuals who want to make a difference.

The future is now. Let’s get building. For more information on how to build with BamCore contact