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Redefining the Construction Industry

What does it take to lead a climate-focused disruptive building technology company?

This episode of Real Leaders gets a peek into the dynamics of redefining the construction industry with BamCore CEO Hal Hinkle.

BamCore is a vertically integrated company fighting to slow human-induced climate change. Redefining the construction industry begins with changing the materials we build with and then changing the design and method of construction. How is BamCore changing the industry?

  1. First, BamCore developed a sustainable global timber bamboo supply chain.
  2. BamCore engineers and manufactures super durable framing panels that eliminate over 90% of the studs, headers, and posts that cause thermal bridging. It also reduces or eliminates other high-embodied materials like gypsum board.
  3. BamCore patented a negative carbon framing system design that is stronger than traditional framing and drastically improves the thermal and acoustic performance of the building envelope. 
  4. BamCore developed collaborative 3D design software with an integrated carbon accounting tool.
  5. Finally, BamCore prefabricates every framing panel to millimeter accuracy before sending the palletized panels to the job site for quick and easy installation.

To learn more Real Leaders sat down with BamCore CEO, Hal Hinkle to get the scoop.

“Hal Hinkle is the CEO of BamCore, a company that is developing the world’s first sustainable global supply chain of timber bamboo, and green engineering it into durable buildings. Buildings are related to 39% of human-created carbon emissions. BamCore, an ambitious bamboo engineering, materials manufacturing and design company, is keen to disrupt the future of infrastructure in the global Southern Hemisphere where timber bamboo grows. In this episode, learn from Hal Hinkle about the leadership it will take to change the massive building industry.” – Real Leaders Podcast Episode 259


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