Andrew Linn  | Anacostia, DC  | Architect

"When my architecture firm began creating our new office, we decided to build the healthiest building in Washington DC. We saw in BamCore’s panels a structural system that simplifies the construction process and due to its panelized design that’s hollow and studless we are able to fully insulate the cavity for a superior insulative envelope over traditional methods, making it the obvious choice for our LEED Platinum office. BamCore exceeded our hopes and expectations in every way. It’s clearly the construction system of the future, and with a passion for structural efficiency and material economy, the company is continually refining the details of the system. Our next BamCore project, an alley house on Capitol Hill, will produce more energy than it creates and will be built almost entirely out of compostable materials, thanks in large part to its insulated BamCore structural frame. In an ideal world, we won’t design anything but BamCore houses. Fingers crossed that that world is right around the corner."

Leslie L.  | Mill Valley, CA  | Homeowner

“When we decided to tear down our home of 32 years in Marin County and build a “green” and sustainable home, our architect proposed BamCore to us to capture our commitment. We built both our new house and a double studio using BamCore’s wall systems and we could not be happier. We knew we were getting the most sustainable solution, but BamCore adds so much more. The house feels unlike any other house we’ve been in and everyone who comes to the house remarks how solid it feels. One architect said it gave him hope. Our BamCore house goes beyond just feeling strong (which we know it is), it feels solid, safe, even organic, as though it is connected to the earth. We don’t feel or hear the wind. The space is comforting. The house is so tight that one inspector told us it would only take turning on a hairdryer for a minute and a half to heat it. Another big plus for us is that the walls don’t really transmit sound. I can be in my art studio with my music turned up and my husband who writes next door cannot hear a thing. We are thrilled we used BamCore and believe it is the way of the future.”

Harvey & Linda Abernathey  | Novato, CA  | Homeowner

“My wife and I had already submitted for our building permit in Marin County when I saw BamCore at a trade exposition. I was very intrigued by the potential of significantly reducing thermal bridging and utilizing sustainable building materials. Since my background is in construction forensics, I have a lot of experience in looking for and diagnosing problems in new construction. I encompassed a balanced view of what to expect when including a new product in a building. I’m pleased to say that while there were some small hiccups, the BamCore team was readily available and highly responsive to any concern I raised. While the installation might see like a complicated puzzle when you first approach it, it turned out to be straight forward: you lay your track, then install the panels in sequence. One thing we hoped for, and are very happy with what we got, is that the BamCore walls are extremely straight and solid when compared to stud-based framing. Our cabinets and counter tops can be installed so much easier because of the BamCore walls…and our place is solidly strong. We’re excited and proud to be part of a new concept in home building and look forward to sharing our story with others who are interested in sustainable construction.”

Daniel Weaver  | Marin, CA  | Architecture

“As an architect dedicated to highly sustainable buildings, I’ve been following BamCore’s development closely for over five years. I was delighted to integrate BamCore’s wall system into a super energy efficient, new home project in Mill Valley, CA. I look forward to seeing more from BamCore’s innovative product development and using them again soon. We need more highly sustainable approaches like BamCore.”

Brenden Morton  | McKinleyville, CA  | Developer, Investor

“I’ve been a developer for ten years and became a minor BamCore investor five years ago. After building my first BamCore house, I quadrupled my investment in the company. Using BamCore addresses many of the issues in construction, both regarding sustainability, and time and money management. I plan on working with BamCore exclusively for any future projects.”

Darrel DeBoer  | Santa Rosa, CA  | Architect

“Bamboo produces 3-15 times as much biomass per acre per year as our usual structural softwoods and the fiber lengths are significantly longer. This makes bamboo fiber an obvious choice for renewability and for strength. Since timber bamboo poles are harvested after 3-5 years of growth when they reach their maximum strength, bamboo in forests or plantations are never clear-cut since clear cutting produces loads of watery, weak fiber. The challenge with using round bamboo in western buildings is that the joinery and scalability of its use would require changing our whole design thought process. What BamCore has done for structural design is the equivalent of the transparent introduction of bamboo flooring several decades ago. The installer didn’t need to know anything new, but could rely on the strength, impact resistance and low rate of expansion of the bamboo. In fact, by making the wall framing without studs, the BamCore wall can be a huge improvement over conventional framing; and by allowing the rough frame to be in place in a matter of days, the whole financing system of projects changes. As an architect who has written two books about bamboo over 20 years of searching, I am very excited to see BamCore able to ramp up production and meet the promise of what contributions bamboo can make to western building.”