XPRIZE Top 60 Finalist Spotlight: Uniting Nature and Technology to Decarbonize the Built Environment

According to the International Energy Agency, the built environment plays a significant role in climate change, accounting for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that we can transform buildings from climate culprits into climate solutions. BamCore is leading the charge in this transformation.

BamCore is a sustainable building materials innovator harnessing nature’s strongest and fastest-growing biogenic fibers to address the environmental impacts of buildings and tackle key challenges in the construction industry. Our groundbreaking framing solutions store carbon and reduce a building’s upfront embodied carbon emissions while lowering operating emissions over the entire service life.

BamCore is actively participating in the XPRIZE challenge for innovative carbon removal solutions. As numerous Direct Air Capture (DAC) companies prepare to attend the XPRIZE conference this April, we wish to underscore the essential role that Biogenic (or Bamboo) Air Capture (BAC) must play in combating climate change. In our report titled “DAC + BAC: A Diversified Approach to Carbon Removal,” BamCore showcases the numerous benefits of nature-based BAC over technology-driven DAC solutions. This comprehensive document highlights the importance of immediately scalable solutions like BAC and emphasizes the need for increased attention and investment in this area.

The IPCC’s synthesis reports on climate change stress the urgency for significant carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the atmosphere. As detailed in “Carbon Farming with Timber Bamboo,” we believe that timber bamboo’s rapid growth and short annual harvest cycle can accelerate carbon sequestration, transforming timber bamboo plantations into perpetual carbon farms.

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