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Bamboo for the Built World with BamCore’s Hal Hinkle

In this exclusive interview with Hal Hinkle, HAUS explores how BAMCORE is at the forefront of revolutionizing building practices to address the urgent need for decarbonization in the built environment.

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Buildings contribute to roughly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with a significant portion stemming from the construction phase. Our CEO discusses how BAMCORE’s innovative use of bamboo and eucalyptus not only reduces these emissions but also tackles the challenges of operational carbon through groundbreaking material and method changes. Hal explains the inherent strengths of bamboo, its challenges in commercialization, and how BAMCORE is pioneering solutions that blend ancient materials with modern technology to shape a sustainable future.

Please read as HAUS uncovers the fascinating journey of turning bamboo into a viable, sustainable building material that promises to redefine the construction landscape. Stay tuned as we delve into the science, the strategy, and the story behind BAMCORE's mission to build a beyond zero carbon footprint world:

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What challenge is BamCore trying to solve?‍

Bamcore’s mission is to drive the decarbonization of the built world. Buildings are resistant to decarbonization efforts, both the industry and the physical structures themselves, and they account for about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately one-third of these emissions come from the construction process, while the remaining two-thirds are generated during the operational phase of the building. Although it might seem like the operational emissions are more significant, the embodied carbon emissions from construction are equally problematic. This is because the embodied carbon is released into the atmosphere during the upfront construction of a building, whereas the operational emissions are spread out over the building's lifetime. This upfront carbon burden poses a major challenge. BamCore has a product that addresses both the operational and embodied carbon emissions, providing a strong solution for decarbonizing buildings throughout their lifecycle. Since customers do not typically prioritize sustainability alone, we also position our product as a solution that addresses today’s critical pain points.

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