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BamCore: Revolutionizing Green Building Techniques with Autodesk Redshift

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

BamCore, a trailblazer in the construction industry, is dedicated to solving some of the toughest challenges in building while reducing its carbon footprint. Autodesk Redshift recently featured BamCore in an article and video highlighting their innovative green building techniques.

The article delves into BamCore's use of hybrid bamboo framing panels, a more sustainable alternative to traditional wood-framed structures. These framing panels are not only renewable but also contribute to carbon sequestration, making them a game-changer for the global construction industry.

Fourteen thousand new buildings are built daily across the globe, and the traditional materials in use significantly contribute to the industry’s extensive carbon footprint, holding the majority share in carbon pollution globally. Considerable strides have been made to enhance operational efficiency in structures. However, over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the embodied carbon in building materials and production, emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable solutions and innovative materials to mitigate the environmental impact.

At BamCore, our goal is to take nature’s fastest growing and strongest structural fibers and to bring them in the built world to decarbonize buildings around the world.” - Hal Hinkle, CEO, BamCore

To further enhance efficiency and reduce costs, BamCore, with the help of Autodesk, has developed a cutting-edge job site app that connects all construction personnel to a digital model for each project. This seamless integration streamlines the installation process, making it faster and more economical.

The job site app has been a phenomenal tool. It allows builders on-site to be able to look at the digital twin of their structure and analyze all of the elevations.” - Zack Zimmerman, Chief Commercial Officer, BamCore

The video, created by the talented team at Redshift, explores how BamCore combines nature's strongest fibers with cloud-based platforms to decarbonize buildings and minimize the industry's carbon footprint. It offers a thought-provoking visual journey into the future of sustainable construction.

We invite you to watch the video to gain a deeper understanding of BamCore's commitment to sustainable materials, conservation efforts, and their impact on the construction industry. Join us as we embrace a greener, more sustainable future with BamCore and their innovative green building techniques.

We’re not just constructing buildings at BamCore. We’re shaping the future of our industry and the planet. It’s all about building smarter, greener, and more sustainably, one structure at a time.” - Zack Zimmerman, Chief Commercial Officer, BamCore


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