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BamCore Wins “Building Materials Innovation Of The Year” Award

BamCore wins PropTech Building Materials Innovation Award 2023

BamCore's relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability has once again made headlines. This time, it's the coveted “Building Materials Innovation of the Year” award in the 2023 PropTech Breakthrough Awards.

The "Building Materials Innovation of the Year Award" isn’t just a testament to our vision but an affirmation of the strides we're making in the real estate tech landscape.

PropTech Breakthrough: A Benchmark in Real Estate Tech

PropTech Breakthrough is renowned for celebrating global real estate technology's brightest minds and solutions. Garnering their attention is no small feat, especially in a year when they were flooded with over 1,700 nominations from 12 different countries. But BamCore's unique take on construction managed to shine through.

The Prime Wall™ Difference

BamCore's groundbreaking Prime Wall™ Framing System is tailored for commercial and residential projects. It incorporates rapidly renewable biogenic materials like timber bamboo, and innovative technologies such as its patent-pending Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized Construction (LOBIC) technology and the Design Bid Build 3D software equipped with a vital carbon calculator.

Unlike conventional wood and steel framing, the Prime Wall™ system is eco-centric. It employs timber bamboo, a renewable resource, for a lightweight and structurally robust solution. Bamboo has a faster growth rate than traditional timber and significantly reduces the environmental impact of construction. Notably, the Prime Wall™ system boasts incredible strength and resilience against natural calamities and small-caliber bullet impacts.

BamCore’s LOBIC Technology refines the construction phase, emphasizing biogenic materials for superior sustainability and structural integrity. And the Design Bid Build 3D software, featuring its integrated carbon calculator, empowers industry professionals to make environmentally conscious project decisions.

Our Vision: Building Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

BamCore's vision of success is twofold: pioneering innovative construction techniques and minimizing environmental impact. Resolutely focused, BamCore leads the charge in the carbon-negative construction revolution, a pivotal shift for our planet's and communities' well-being. Further accentuating its advantages, the Prime Wall Framing System excels in thermal performance and efficient assembly. BamCore’s system features tailor-made prefabricated panels that arrive site-ready. It's seamlessly compatible with other advanced PropTech and real estate tech solutions, like BIM and intelligent home systems.

“The dual crises of housing and climate are impossible to ignore. This pivotal decade calls for materials and methods with the power to reverse carbon impact. BamCore is answering this call, leveraging nature's rapidly renewing natural fibers and biogenic material technologies to innovate building structures that lock away carbon and make them more energy efficient. Being spotlighted by PropTech Breakthrough, in a time brimming with groundbreaking solutions for efficiency and sustainability, is a significant honor," shared Hal Hinkle, CEO of BamCore.

A New Benchmark in Construction

Bryan Vaughn, the esteemed Managing Director of PropTech Breakthrough Awards, encapsulates our endeavors eloquently.

“BamCore's groundbreaking low-rise Prime Wall Framing System is redefining construction standards by offering advantages over conventional construction methods. Congratulations on winning the ‘Building Materials Innovation of the Year’ award for this sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for commercial and residential development,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of PropTech Breakthrough Awards. “Developers and architects are seeking eco-friendly alternatives that benefit the environment and provide cost savings. This carbon-capturing and sequestering powerhouse system enables BamCore to cater to this growing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the real estate market.”

With the world at a pivotal crossroads, innovations like ours don’t just carve a niche but address a global imperative. We’re grateful for your continued support and promise to pioneer pathways that resonate with our shared aspirations for a sustainable future.


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