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Low-Carbon Construction Begins with Biogenic Building Material Technology

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Exploring the technology BamCore is innovating to pioneer the future of low-carbon construction.

BamCore Biogenic Building Material Technology

Biogenic building materials technology transforms design, creation, and construction processes to promise robust, sustainable buildings. At the forefront of this revolution are two groundbreaking systems: the Design Bid Build (DBB) platform coupled with Energy Modeling, and the Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized Construction (LOBIC) platform.

Collaborative Design with DBB and Energy Modeling

The world of building design is evolving, thanks to tools like BamCore's Design Bid Build (DBB) Platform. This system revolutionizes the design process by promoting efficiency and fostering collaboration. It provides a platform for team members and stakeholders to exchange designs and ideas, working together to generate comprehensive diagrams for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems. The outcome? Boosted production capacity, streamlined installations, and waste reduction through innovative nesting routines.

To further facilitate low-carbon construction design, BamCore has teamed up with Autodesk's training partner, Symetri (formerly Microdesk), to create an energy modeling dashboard. This intuitive interface guides early-stage design, delivering real-time data at every step of the design journey. The tool empowers designers to precisely compute heating and cooling loads, and perform cost/benefit analyses, thereby informing more thoughtful decision-making.

The integrated add-on within the platform enhances building envelope energy efficiency and quantifies the energy-saving process. As a result, you're not just designing a structure — you're forging a cost-effective, sustainable paradigm shift in the built environment.

LOBIC: Revolutionizing Load-Grade Positioning

Next on our innovative tech lineup is LOBIC. Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized Construction technology is shaking things up by optimizing load-grade positioning, enhancing structural integrity, and cost-effective efficiency. By utilizing Bamboo Hybrid Prime Wall™ Panels and Eucalyptus Super Combi Prime Wall™ Panels, LOBIC enables precise load distribution throughout a low-rise building frame.

This unique approach to structural panel positioning reduces costs and maximizes efficiency, all while ensuring the building's strength and resilience. In short, it's a game-changer for developing efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable building solutions.

Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized COnstruction (LOBIC)

Precision and Efficiency with Custom Prefabrication and MEP Mapping

The notion of prefabrication might evoke images of a basic, one-size-fits-all building approach. However, custom prefabrication with MEP Mapping transforms the concept. Leveraging advanced industrialized construction methodologies, every component—from doors and windows to outlets and access panels—is precision-cut using custom CNC machines.

This precision, paired with the defined nailing pattern, sequentially numbered panels, and applied MDO, results in an optimized construction process that reduces material waste and labor demands. It accelerates the construction timeline, cuts back on specialized labor needs, and eliminates rework waste—halving the traditional stick construction timeline!

In the realm of framing solutions, BamCore's materials and methodologies set a new standard, offering unparalleled strength, safety, and sustainability. It's clear that the future of construction is here, and it's looking greener than ever!


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