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Yazaki & BamCore to Collaborate on Carbon-Storing Products

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

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Climate-Conscious Collaboration: Yazaki & BamCore to Develop Carbon-Storing Solutions for Building and Automotive Sectors

Global Bamboo Technologies (BamCore) and Yazaki Innovations, Inc., the corporate venture capital arm of Yazaki North America, have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to co-develop carbon-negative building and automotive products. This partnership will combine Yazaki’s global leadership in manufacturing and supply chain management in the automotive industry with BamCore’s innovative and patented bamboo-based technologies for the building industry.

Both companies are committed to collaborating on carbon-storing products to reduce the carbon footprints of their respective industries, plastics, and building products. The non-binding MOU envisions the establishment of new plantations and factories in Central America, producing state-of-the-art processed bamboo fibers. It also includes direct investment in BamCore. The joint venture aims to propel the world towards a new generation of climate-responsible plastics in the automotive sector and carbon-storing structural components for the global building industry.

Erik Fleming, CEO of Yazaki Innovations, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“As a global leader in automotive plastics, Yazaki is strongly committed to developing the next generation of materials that have unnecessary plastics removed and replaced with fast-sequestering fibers utilizing fillers like bamboo. We look forward to our partnership with BamCore, the leader in developing a global supply chain for bamboo fiber-based products.”

Timber bamboo

Hal Hinkle, CEO of BamCore, also shared his optimism:

“Yazaki’s global expertise in manufacturing and supply chain management will help position BamCore in its next leg of growth in the North American building sector. And Yazaki’s advanced technology to design and pre-fabricate multiple wiring solutions for thousands of vehicle models and types can also be applied to advance modularization in the built environment when used with BamCore’s Prime Wall™. It will be a win for customers in both automotive and building sectors and for the planet.”

Yazaki Corporation, a global leader in vehicle power, data, and display for automotive applications, has been committed to environmental preservation for over 80 years. The company continues this commitment today through the development of advanced electric components for hybrid and fully electric vehicles, the promotion of recycling, and the efficient use of resources. For more information about Yazaki and its vision for a greener tomorrow, visit


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