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Zack Zimmerman Wins Autodesk Top 40 Under 40

Updated: 5 days ago

Zack Zimmerman 40 Under 40

BAMCORE Celebrates Zack Zimmerman: Champion of Construction Top 40 under 40

BAMCORE proudly spotlights Zack Zimmerman, our esteemed Chief Commercial Officer, recognized as one of Autodesk's Top 40 under 40. Based in Windsor, CA, Zack's exceptional leadership and strategic vision have significantly impacted BAMCORE's growth in the sustainable construction sector.

With Zack's influence, BAMCORE is on an exciting trajectory to amplify revenues in 2024. His ability to forge strategic alliances and cultivate enduring relationships with premier commercial builders across the United States has transformed the sustainable construction industry.

Zack's charismatic presence and unwavering integrity are evident in his relentless pursuit of establishing strong business partnerships. He is deeply committed to promoting biogenic building technologies and their widespread adoption, aiming to revolutionize sustainable construction practices towards greater sustainability and innovation. As a champion of decarbonization in the built environment, Zack is also passionate about addressing the critical pain points of the construction industry with BAMCORE's innovative solutions. His dedication to promoting biogenic construction technology sets new benchmarks in sustainable building practices, making him a true leader and one of the "40 under 40" innovators in the field.

Join us in congratulating Zack Zimmerman on his outstanding achievements and continued efforts to reshape the future of construction towards a more sustainable and innovative horizon.

BAMCORE is proud to have Zack at the forefront of this transformative journey in sustainable construction!

Zack Zimmerman 40 Under 40


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