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Let's Get The Conversation Started

At BamCore, we invite you to join our pioneering journey. We look forward to the opportunity to share our innovative strides and inspiring advancements in sustainable building solutions. Let's connect and shape a greener future together!

A Word About Pricing

BamCore's products represent a comprehensive solution capable of streamlining various elements throughout construction.


It's essential to look beyond a simple, apples-to-apples comparison as it may not capture the total value that our system offers. Indeed, if assessed purely from a material cost perspective, we acknowledge that our highly engineered product is more expensive than dimensional timber. However, the crux of the matter lies not merely in the framing cost but in the other line items of a budget that our solution impacts, as well as the long-term energy and environmental benefits.

We take pride in noting that builders, developers, and owners today recognize cost parity with traditional finished buildings when using our system. This suggests that the initial investment in BamCore can be offset by various savings and efficiencies throughout the construction and operation phases. It's a testament to the unique value proposition of BamCore and our commitment to sustainable and efficient construction solutions.

Please complete the form below for further details on our pricing structure or upload a PDF and, Dwg. or Rvt. file for a tailored quote on a specific project.

Thank you for your interest in BamCore - we look forward to building a greener world with you!

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