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3D Digital BamCore House Plan

Step 1: Design Bid Build (DBB)
with Energy Modeling

​Facilitating collaborative workflow and data-driven innovation in Revit design

The BamCore Design | Bid | Build Platform revolutionizes the Revit design process by promoting a more efficient and collaborative approach. Our workflow facilitates an exchange of designs and ideas among all team members and stakeholders, leading to the joint generation of comprehensive MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) diagrams. This collaboration improves production capacity, installation efficiency, and waste reduction through advanced nesting routines.

To provide potential clients with detailed cost and impact estimates, BamCore enlisted the help of Autodesk's training partner, Microdesk. Together, we developed an energy modeling dashboard that guides early-stage design via a user-friendly interface. This service incorporates an add-on for Revit (Insight), granting designers access to real-time data throughout the design process, empowering them to compute heating and cooling loads and run cost/benefit analyses.

Our add-on improves building envelope energy efficiency seamlessly and cost-effectively. It enables quantification of the energy-saving process, allowing informed decision-making early in the design process. This data-centric add-on and dashboard reduce emissions during the operation phase of a building's life cycle and make financial incentives, such as energy savings tax credits, immediately accessible to customers.

BamCore Exploded Image of 3D House Plan

Step 2: Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized Construction (LOBIC)

LOBIC technology revolutionizes load grade positioning for enhanced structural integrity and cost-effective efficiency

Introducing a groundbreaking approach to low-rise building frames: optimizing the structural carbon cost and labor efficiency. We have achieved this with our Bamboo Hybrid Prime Wall™ Panels and Eucalyptus Super Combi Prime Wall™ Panels, which seamlessly integrate to maximize load-bearing capabilities. We carefully select each panel based on its specific load-bearing requirements, ensuring optimal performance and strength.

Our patent-pending LOBIC technology strategically positions the structural panels according to their load grade. This revolutionary approach ensures precise load distribution and enhanced structural integrity throughout the building frame, all while maintaining efficiency and lowering costs.

Through the application of Applied MDO and MEP Mapping, we further optimize the construction process, minimizing material waste and labor requirements. Our meticulous planning and advanced techniques result in a highly efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable building solution.

BamCore LOBIC Industrialized Construciton
BamCore Industrialized Construction

Step 3: Custom Prefabrication with MEP Mapping

Delivering an extraordinary prefabricated framing solution through advanced industrialized construction methodologies


Using custom CNC machines, every component, including doors, windows, outlets, and access panels, is precision-cut to millimeter accuracy. Each panel is then sequentially numbered and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) lines are added along with a defined nailing pattern. This user-friendly system expedites the construction process, requiring minimal specialized labor. As a result, BamCore's innovative system diminishes rework waste and can slash the typical construction timeline by half.

BamCore’s materials and method sets the benchmark high in the industry, offering unparalleled strength, safety, and sustainability in contrast to other framing solutions on the market today.

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