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Welcome to BamCore, a pioneer in beyond zero carbon footprint structural framing systems. Our mission is to decarbonize the built environment by harnessing the best of nature and technology.


We use the fastest-growing plants on Earth with our patent-pending Load Optimized Biogenic Industrialized Construction (LOBIC) technology to create high-performance, eco-friendly building materials. With our innovative Prime Wall™ system, you can build stronger, faster, and greener.

The Prime Wall™

Revolutionizing Sustainable Low-Rise Framing for a Greener Future


Introducing the first carbon-negative structural framing system for commercial and residential low-rise construction. The Prime Wall™ is a prefabricated, customizable, and code-compliant framing system that seamlessly integrates with any architectural style, accelerating construction cycles, minimizing waste, and reducing labor requirements. Our intelligently engineered timber bamboo & Eucalyptus design removes the studs and posts that cause thermal bridging. This breakthrough drastically improves the building’s energy efficiency and reduces operating emissions year after year. Join us in building a better world, one wall at a time.

What are Carbon-Negative Materials?

Carbon-negative materials capture and store more CO2e than they emit during the harvest, manufacture, and construction process.

Unveiling Mass Timber Bamboo™ (MTB)

The Next Evolution in Sustainable Mid to High-Rise Building Solutions (In Development)

As demand for environmentally conscious construction continues to grow, we proudly present our innovative Mass Timber Bamboo™ (MTB), designed explicitly for mid- and high-rise buildings. MTB sets a new standard in green construction, surpassing traditional cross-laminated timber (CLT) in both performance and sustainability.

Our revolutionary Mass Timber Bamboo™ (MTB) provides a more robust structure with up to 98%  more stiffness at the same thickness. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art system is designed to be up to 27% thinner, allowing for sleeker building designs with more usable floor space. Additionally, MTB is up to 17% lighter, making it easier to transport and assemble and reducing the overall weight of the building, reducing its carbon footprint. Thus, MTB has the potential to significantly lower the embodied carbon of a building compared to the average CLT.

BamCore's Mass Timber Bamboo
AI Generated Rendering of BamCore MTB

AI-Generated Rendering of MTB

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